Socially Responsible

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Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) funds allow you to invest your money into causes you believe in. Socially responsible investing (SRI), also known as sustainable, socially conscious, green, or ethical investing, is shaping the future. We build custom investment strategies that considers both financial returns as well as the social causes clients request.

Independent Fiduciary

A fiduciary is required to put their client's needs ahead of their own. Less than 10% financial advisors in the U.S. are required to work under the fiduciary standard set for Registered Investment Advisors. The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards sets its own strict fiduciary standard that certificate holders must abide by.

Fee-Only Advisor

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Traditionally, financial advisors were paid a commission each time clients made an investment. There is an inherent conflict of interest in working that way. This is why, in order to provide objective advice, I work under a fee-only model. Clients can pay by the hour, project, or retain ongoing services through a percentage of the investment assets managed.

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Tax Gain Harvesting

January 25, 2018

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